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FH on ChromeBook in Crossover

Post by martync » 18 Jul 2019 14:44

This is a follow up to Second Copy of Software (16243) that mentioned FH on Chromebook.

I recently bought myself a Chromebook, partly out of technical curiosity - sad but true :-) - and partly because I thought it may be a good option for my Dad. I have installed Crossover for Chrome OS and FH on it and have been impressed with how well it has run. It is not as fast as on my PC or Macbook but it is only an Intel m3 processor and much less memory. Would I use it for every day, probably not, would I take it on a research trip or to Rootstech London where I want something light with a long battery life yes I very probably will. Also mine is very far from a top end model it is quite a popular but old model that has just been superseded.

At the moment FM does hang quite often so I will report this but we must remember this is Beta not finished software and I can't see evidence of other FH testers at the moment.

In conclusion I would say that the signs are encouraging.

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