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Military Property Box Tab

Post by Keathswa » 10 Apr 2019 12:08

Hi Forum

I have been customising the Military Property Box Tab to suit my needs for the 500 family members that have served in the Defence Forces. I have attached a screen shot of the modified tab (still a draft).

My intention was make the tab reflect the multiple arms of military service (i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force), the type of information available across countries and conflicts. This has involved evaluating military events and attributes and defining what type of information/data should be allocated to a particular fact (i.e. data dictionary). I have found documenting the different types of events in a military career and assigning to a particular event/attribute has been useful. With about 500 members of the family tree that have served in the Defence Forces, I have identified some inconsistencies that have developed over time. It has highlighted a few changes, I need to make the enable the Military Property Box Tab to provide an effective summary for me.

As an example, Australian Military Service Numbers usually did not change when servicemen moved between units. To accommodate this I have aligned Service numbers to the new Service boxes and removed the regiment boxes service number boxes.

To accommodate some of the changes I have added additional events and attributes that include Discharge Rank & Unit, Residence - Discharge, Training (Military) and Disembarked (Military). These additional events have enabled a better narrative flow. I have also been contemplating a fact for Description (Military) to encapsulate height, weight, eyes, chest, complexion, hair and marks/scars. It means more typing data entry into the notes for the fact. However, the narrative becomes more readable. On the military tab, it would appear as single box. I hope to finalise my military fact set and data dictionary shortly.

Other elements I have been considering to add to the Tab have been the date and place a person was taken as Prisoner of War, Embarked (first occurrence), Disembarked (Last occurrence) and an area for the different types of medals. The Embarked and disembarked would be capture the persons departure and return from overseas service.

Any feedback on the layout and the proposed additions would be great.

FYI information, I have posted this as a new item, part of this work originated in my original post regarding changing facts to attributes viewtopic.php?f=32&t=16724&p=91664#p91532

FHUG _MIL PB Tab 3.png
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Garry Keath

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