* Problem with To Do list Query [Solved]

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Problem with To Do list Query [Solved]

Post by Gowermick » 20 Sep 2018 08:13

I have followed the Knowledge Base article to produce To Do list query, but am having problems seeing the actual Notes associated with the To Do facts.

It correctly identifies my 6 individuals who have who have a To Do fact and enters their names in the Owner column, but the Tasks Column which contains =GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,["Label"]) remains stubbornly blank, after I enter To Do for Label when prompted.
I even tried =GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,"To Do") but results remained the same

In the All tab of the individuals property box, I can see the To Do fact, with its Note, so why is the Note contents not appearing in the query?

I assume I'm doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can't see what - Any Ideas

UPDATE: I thought the To Do in the expression =GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,["Label"]) was the name of the fact, but now realise it is a Text label within in the actual Note - duh.
I changed Tasks expression to %FACT.NOTE2[1]%, and now see all my To Do's as expected, labelled or not!

In hindsight, I now see why Labels could be useful, but I don't use one!!
Mike Loney

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