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Knowledge Base Index and suggestions for topics

Post by NigelBrown » 07 Jul 2018 12:12

Mike, you have just asked: "BTW: We are growing a Knowledge Base > Knowledge Base Index and suggestions for topics will be welcomed."

For me, a most useful addition would be a "Getting Ready to Map Places" section, giving a step by step guide to preparing Place definitions, how best to construct "Standardized Places" (e.g. should they always include country, and in England should this be UK as well as, say, England; should postcodes always be included and where not known in full will the first 3 characters be useful); refer to your Rearrange Place Parts plugin; how to deal with places (aka addresses) that no longer exist e.g. due to redevelopment, disappearance of old farms, etc.
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Re: Knowledge Base Index and suggestions for topics

Post by tatewise » 07 Jul 2018 12:59

I may have not made my request clear enough.
It was not for new [kb]|[/kb] topics, but which existing topics really need entries in the new Reference Book style Index.
I requested it in that posting because the OP has had problems locating existing topics in the [kb]|[/kb].

Having said that, some advice on Place/Address formatting and Mapping is perhaps overdue.
There is Knowledge Base > Places and Addresses but that is a bit rudimentary.
However, a step by step guide is bedevilled by many conflicting factors, as evidenced by the many conflicting postings listed at the end of that [kb]|[/kb] page.
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