* Getting two family branches to connect

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Getting two family branches to connect

Post by Coutch56 » 04 Sep 2015 03:43

I have entered all of my information, or what I have. When I try and look at it in a chart, it leaves off one branch. If I go to my great great uncle and start with him for the cart it shows his family with her attached to him. If I go to his wife and start a chart with her I see her family and him attached. How do I get these together. There is also a connection with my daughter in law - my gr-gr uncles wife is also her gr gr gr aunt.I would like to tie them all together but have no idea on how to do this, and can find no help in the help section of FH.

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Re: Getting two family branches to connect

Post by johnmorrisoniom » 04 Sep 2015 06:02

From your original diagram select the husband and then Ctrl+click on the spouse (Thus selecting both), now redraw the diagram and both branches will be drawn.

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Re: Getting two family branches to connect

Post by tatewise » 04 Sep 2015 08:53

Regarding the display of both spouses ancestors, see Knowledge Base > View Both Spouses’ Ancestors.

To tie your daughter-in-law to her gr-gr-gr-aunt, you need to create the parent-child relationships between them; just like you have created the parent-child relationships between yourself and your gr-gr-uncle.
If you have not already done so, enter the parents and grandparents of your daughter-in-law, who I presume is your son's wife. Then work up her family tree, adding parents and siblings, until you reach her gr-gr-gr-aunt.

See the Knowledge Base > Family Historian > Beginners Guide and review the advice under Relationships, especially if there are any complex families.
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