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Questions regarding use of any Version of Family Historian. Please ensure you have set your Version of Family Historian in your Profile
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Please read BEFORE posting

Post by Jane » 18 Feb 2014 09:09

If you are new to Family Historian, please check out the pages on
Knowledge Base Key Features for Newcomers

Many of the most commonly asked questions are answered there.

When posting a question it really helps people to help you if you provide as much information as possible, please check out the suggestions below before asking.

Please ensure your Family Historian version is shown in your profile to the side.
If not, then click User Control Panel centre top, and the Profile tab, select your Family Historian version at the bottom, and click Submit.

When posting topics please give explicit details whenever possible. Then any advice in reply will be more relevant. Some examples are given below:-

PC Configuration
In scenarios like moving FH from PC to PC or installation problems, please specify the Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8) plus any unusual configuration such as external/NAS drives, or abnormal FH installation modes (iMac/Linux, Wine, etc), or any significant recent changes.

Project Details
Please supply the Project Name, or if not using the Project structure give the GEDCOM (.ged) filename.
Say whether the scenario is repeatable in the Family Historian Sample Project.

FH Commands
Identify exactly which commands &/or buttons you used in the scenario.
If appropriate, name any specific Diagram Type, Text Scheme, Report Type, Query, etc.

Error Messages
Supply exact transcripts of messages, or post screenshot attachments.
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