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by PeterR
02 May 2007 11:22
Forum: V3 Usage
Topic: Bug not fixed in 3.1.2
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Bug not fixed in 3.1.2

The Sentence box on the Events tab of the Family Property Dialog only ever shows the template, and never the resulting sentence.  This differs from the Individual Property Dialog where the Sentence box only displays the template when you click in the box to edit the template; if you click in another...
by PeterR
13 Jul 2006 22:08
Forum: V3 Usage
Topic: Possible bug: Family Properties - Sentence
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Possible bug: Family Properties - Sentence

Hello, I've been using FH less than 10 days and am very impressed with FH and with FHUG.  But I have to agree that the Family Event sentence field does have a slight bug. The corresponding field for the Individual Properties dialogue also allows editing but switches to display the resulting sentence...