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by Danielbaker2
26 Aug 2019 21:13
Forum: New Wish List Requests
Topic: A simple to-do list
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Re: A simple to-do list

Keep it simple. I have looked over inputs and responses. I agree and have communicated... like it simple, straight forward to get to, and don't programmatically connect to an individual or place or whatever, because I certainly have found cases that doesn't work. One more thing: I went into the Shar...
by Danielbaker2
26 Aug 2019 21:02
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Topic: multiple projects open?
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multiple projects open?

Can I have two projects open at the same time? I have one major one for my mothers line and another major one for my fathers line, and I'm finding a frequent need to go back and forth.... love to have them open and make the switch in the View menu like some programs do in their windows menu.
by Danielbaker2
14 Jul 2019 22:18
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Family History Projects Disappeared
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Re: Family History Projects Disappeared

From Files > Project Window, click More Tasks ...
> On the resultant menu, Choose Project list.
Three choices on the side there.
You may want to select Choose Location for Projects if where they got moved to is workable for you to stage images and other reasons.