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by vbrown
19 Nov 2020 16:42
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Correcting parentage of children from un-named to named father
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Correcting parentage of children from un-named to named father

So mother Margaret has 2 spouse tabs 1 x un-named and 1 x James. All children are under the un-named tab.
How do I move them so that James appears as their father and the u-named tab no longer exists?
by vbrown
13 Feb 2020 17:10
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Media file naming
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Media file naming

I have added a media file to a record but then deleted it from the record and deleted the file on pc. I then create another file of the same name on PC and link it to the record The file is always save as (2) "in order to make it differ from existing file" The original file does not show in the reco...
by vbrown
19 Nov 2018 14:10
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Deleting person/family
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Deleting person/family

I have tried going to the Cog menus other posts have suggested but Delete is always greyed out. Any ideas please?
by vbrown
19 Nov 2018 11:42
Forum: General Usage
Topic: What does Cog mean
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Re: What does Cog mean

I am trying to delete some people but in my "cog" menu the delete option is greyed out!!! Help anyone please!!
by vbrown
25 Jul 2018 17:55
Forum: Importing and Exporting
Topic: Hiding living people
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Hiding living people

I want to export a gedcom file but i want to hide the living people. How do I do this?
by vbrown
10 Apr 2004 18:56
Forum: The Lost Posts Archive
Topic: FH zip file backup
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FH zip file backup

How do i open the zip backup file? Do I need other software?