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by PeterR
28 Sep 2020 13:17
Forum: Genealogy News
Topic: GEDCOM 5.5.5 maintenance release
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Re: GEDCOM 5.5.5 maintenance release

This is the earlier thread from October 2019: GEDCOM 5.5.5! (17121)
Nothing has changed since then.
by PeterR
22 Aug 2020 17:55
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Orientation
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Re: Orientation

You might find some help here: Knowledge Base > Photo Orientation
by PeterR
21 Aug 2020 16:13
Forum: Plugin Discussions
Topic: Add media URL short cut
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Re: Add media URL short cut

I was able to download that video (in four different formats, including mp4) using WinX YouTube Downloader.
by PeterR
12 Aug 2020 13:34
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Introducing myself and a little (or maybe big) question
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Re: Introducing myself and a little (or maybe big) question

If you search FH Help for "dots", one of the Topics is the (relevant) "Property Box: Facts tab" which includes:
blue dots for Individual records and red dots for Family records
by PeterR
15 Jul 2020 22:23
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Orienting certificate images
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Re: Orienting certificate images

I find I can solve all such problems by using the free IrfanView; it can rotate images, either singly or as a batch, and can optionally correct the EXIF data.
by PeterR
08 Jul 2020 14:30
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Cannot start Family Historian
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Re: Cannot start Family Historian

And I never have any problems running FH v6.2.7 with AVG AntiVirus Free on Windows 10 Pro version 2004. And my AVG has no exceptions for FH at all.
by PeterR
01 Jul 2020 19:43
Forum: Ancestral Sources
Topic: Ancestral Sources Version 5.3.0
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Re: Ancestral Sources Version 5.3.0

Also discussed here: AS download (17833)
by PeterR
15 Jun 2020 07:56
Forum: General Usage
Topic: word wrapping in source windows
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Re: word wrapping in source windows

This is a GEDCOM limitation. The standard allows only a single line of up to 248 characters: SOURCE_CITATION: = [ n SOUR @<XREF:SOUR>@ /* pointer to source record */ {1:1} +1 PAGE <WHERE_WITHIN_SOURCE> {0: 1 } … WHERE_WITHIN_SOURCE: = {Size=1: 248 } Specific location with in the information referenc...
by PeterR
11 Jun 2020 12:15
Forum: Ancestral Sources
Topic: AS download
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Re: AS download

I've just checked my version of Ancestral Sources and it was v5.2.0 ; the Help menu Check for Updates… gave 'You already have the latest version of Ancestral Sources.' I've now used the link in the Knowledge Base to update to v5.3.0 . I've had a quick look for a post in FHUG about the update to v5.3...
by PeterR
30 May 2020 10:12
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Deleting Media
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Re: Deleting Media

The only way to cycle through the thee buttons seems to be to use the Tab key, or Shift+Tab to go the other way (not necessarily the way you expect, though!).
by PeterR
31 Mar 2020 13:22
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Sharing a note
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Re: Sharing a note

You can link media to any Source that is linked to the Note Record, but not to the Note Record itself.
by PeterR
10 Mar 2020 21:08
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Moving in Ancestors view
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Re: Moving in Ancestors view

The Preferences dialogue for the Focus Window (accessible via Customize View… ) has Max. Ancestor Generations (space permitting): but if you try to enter a value greater than 5 an error box tells you to “Enter an integer between 2 and 5.” Earlier versions of FH did not have the Focus Window, and man...
by PeterR
26 Feb 2020 10:23
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Topic: Relocating Census Image files
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Re: Relocating Census Image files

E Wilcock wrote:
26 Feb 2020 09:17
It may not be PC on this forum, but I dont want my source images or family photos located within fh as no one else in the family owns fh software.
Storing images and family photos in folders within the FH Media folder would not prevent access by a user without FH software.
by PeterR
13 Feb 2020 14:38
Forum: Plugin Discussions
Topic: Update Source and All Linked Citations > Where Within The Source
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Re: Update Source and All Linked Citations > Where Within The Source

I don't know whether this will help, but like Jane, I too am a " Lumper " for GRO Indexes (and similar) with one Source record in FH for each Index. And I too am a " Splitter " for certificates and censuses, with one Source record in FH for each Certificate and for each Census Household, and with an...
by PeterR
10 Feb 2020 22:24
Forum: Ancestral Sources
Topic: Viewing saved images
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Re: Viewing saved images

There is some help in Knowledge Base > Photo Orientation.
by PeterR
29 Jan 2020 22:56
Forum: General Usage
Topic: "Cannot load file" error
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Re: "Cannot load file" error

I was able to load the file OK; it took several minutes and generated a massive exception report, but no error messages. FH Focus Window at bottom right has: Individuals: 879234 Families: 305277. My 9-year-old laptop has 6 GB RAM and I recently upgraded (free) from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
by PeterR
27 Jan 2020 11:11
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Family Group Report
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Re: Family Group Report

There are also left and right arrow-heads beside the Page no. at top right, which may be more useful than the right-hand scroll-bar.
2020-01-27_110843.jpg (1.67 KiB) Viewed 1354 times
by PeterR
31 Dec 2019 10:34
Forum: General Usage
Topic: Converting Descendant Outline Query Output to a Spreadsheet
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Re: Converting Descendant Outline Query Output to a Spreadsheet

2019-12-31_103027.jpg (32.55 KiB) Viewed 3271 times
If you click on the button with four arrows, labelled Enable Moving/Resizing, the Movement Control Box will appear.
by PeterR
04 Dec 2019 10:43
Forum: General Usage
Topic: GEDCOM Exporting Data Does Not Contain Data Just Imported
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Re: GEDCOM Exporting Data Does Not Contain Data Just Imported

If you want everything in an FH GEDCOM file to be available for Import to something else, you don't need to do an Export at all. Just Import the FH GEDCOM file.
by PeterR
03 Dec 2019 17:08
Forum: Plugin Discussions
Topic: Export Gedcom File - TNG - Nicknames
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Re: Export Gedcom File - TNG - Nicknames

What you have observed is FH's compliance with the GEDCOM standard.
by PeterR
25 Nov 2019 11:53
Forum: Plugin Discussions
Topic: My Clean Living People V1.2 by PeterR
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Re: My Clean Living People V1.2 by PeterR

Yes, of course, Mike. As you know, it was 99% Jane's original Clean Living People. Probably best if you do the necessary tidying up. ;)
by PeterR
25 Mar 2019 10:03
Forum: Research
Topic: Deciphering again
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Re: Deciphering again

Surrey, Thornton Heath