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by GenealogyPrinters
24 Dec 2020 13:30
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I'm trying to design what I would call a double hourglass tree, by that I mean a diagram for a couple showing them with all of their direct ancestors and their children. What I have done is to create a right to left diagram for the husband which shows the couple and their children. Then I inserted i...
by GenealogyPrinters
08 Oct 2019 14:02
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Topic: Ancestors with their siblings diagram
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Ancestors with their siblings diagram

Is their a plug available to create this type of diagram, I cannot seem to find one.

by GenealogyPrinters
06 Sep 2005 13:45
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Topic: Chart Options
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Chart Options

Trying to achieve a particular chart layout. Text scheme is okay but we are trying to achieve the following. Most of the boxes on the chart are not to be shown on the chart (unboxed, no problem) All text black (no problem) Duplicate Ancestors to be boxed (no problem) Duplicate Ancestors boxes to hav...