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Relationship to Root

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 20:35
by Jacqueline Cox
it does not show on my "view" "individuals" How do I activate it? Please?

Re: Relationship to Root

Posted: 16 Feb 2017 20:51
by pwe
Right click on the individual record page. Then select "columns".
In the left hand panel of the pane for "Configure columns" that is now showing select "relationship to root" which is the 9th entry down.
Select this and then move it to the right hand panel using the > button.
Then use the up/down arrows to put the new relationship entry into the order you wish.
Then press OK.
If the columns are still not in the order you wish go back and use the up/down arrows again to achieve what you want.
Peter E

Re: Relationship to Root

Posted: 17 Feb 2017 11:04
by tatewise
Jacqueline, do you mean the Individuals tab in the Records Window has NO Column labelled Relationship to Root, or that the Column exists but all its relationship values are missing?

If the former, then use Peter's technique to recreate that Column.

If the latter, then you have changed/removed your File Root definition so FH cannot work out any relationships.
The easiest fix is to display whoever you want to be File Root in the Focus Window (that will probably be you) and then right-click their box and choose Make File Root.
Alternatively, you can select any Individual record and use Edit > File Root > Set as File Root.